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It was essentially just an excuse for all these star cameos, but it is a really interesting historical artifact because there is a long conversation to be had about how Hollywood got involved with World War II.

They got involved from a ‘propaganda for the war’ point of view, but all of the war propaganda was also propaganda for the studios, trying to show that they were not this industry of sin, but that they were patriots and they were doing their part to help the country.

She was in two all-black musicals, , where she sang a couple of songs, but in ways where they would be able to cut her scenes out of the movie, so that the movie could be shown in the American south.

I think MGM did hire her in good faith, and they did want to make these movies, but they got real pushback from these exhibitors in the middle of the country and the South.”During World War II, the Hollywood Canteen was a club offering entertainment to servicemen who were on their way overseas or on leave. ultimately turned the real-life club into this musical comedy, in which two soldiers on leave spent a few nights at the Canteen entertained by a host of Warner stars including Bette Davis.

Even though most movie stars did not fight in the war, they really sold this idea that you could stay home, live in your mansion and make movies and still be doing your part.” was written by a woman named Katherine Albert who was a longtime friend of Joan Crawford’s, but they had a falling out.

But if the secret, hidden and/or forgotten histories of early Hollywood are of interest to you, then you're bound to already have Karina Longworth's in your podcast rotation.KL: “This is another movie that I don’t necessarily love, but I did an episode during our MGM season about Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland as child stars at MGM.Louis B Mayer, somewhat hypocritically, was pushing for family content, and behind the scenes, especially as they got into puberty and became very, very famous, Judy and Mickey really struggled with a lot of things that would not be considered family-friendly.KL: “I actually chose this for Carole Lombard rather than Hitchcock.This was her penultimate film, and in the podcast I go into her death, and the way that Clark Gable dealt with that, which was not very well.

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