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If you prefer to purchase food at the con there were several food options this year. We found the prices to be consistent with event pricing. A portable phone charger: This is a very valuable tool. We were able to find a hotel a few blocks away that was very nice. We took one overpriced taxi ride to the con on the first day and found it to be both expensive and…um…less than clean.Some (not all) of the cast will allow selfies at their tables (usually for cash only). We decided to try out Uber and used it for the duration of our trip.

The best part is Walker Stalker Con comes to multiple cities throughout the year! Even though this was our second WSC, we learned a few things this time around and we want to share our tips with you so you can have a rad Walker Stalker Con experience too! Choosing the correct ticket option: There are several ticket options.

Platinum tickets require children to have paid ticket at same level as accompanying adult. Not only is the conference area very expansive, most lines are long and you may end up standing in the same place for an hour or more.

It is important that you carefully read over each option to see what is included. According to our fitness app we averaged walking about 7 miles each day. for every 50K fans there is only one Norman Reedus.

We found it to be a quick, easy, clean and inexpensive option for us.

(We do not recommend or endorse any transportation service.) 9.

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