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It lends its name to various art forms and culture, such as Mysore Dasara, Mysore Painting; the sweet dish Mysore Pak, Mysore masala dosa; brands such as Mysore Sandal Soap, Mysore Ink; and styles and cosmetics such as Mysore Peta (a traditional silk turban) and the Mysore Silk sarees.

Tourism is the major industry alongside the traditional industries.

The Kingdom was ruled by the Wadiyar dynasty, with a brief period of interregnum in the 1760s and 70s when Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan were in power.

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The news comes as Morgan Stanley reported better-than-expected second quarter results, which showed that its trading desks managed to outperform its Wall Street rivals.

The cultural ambiance and achievements of Mysore earned it the sobriquet Cultural Capital of Karnataka.

Mysore is noted for its heritage structures and palaces, including the Mysore Palace, and for the festivities that take place during the Dasara festival when the city receives a large number of tourists from around the world.

The former Wodeyar rulers were reinstated as puppet monarchs, now styled Maharajas.

The British administration was assisted locally by Diwan (chief minister) Purnaiah.

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