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Most of the mass of generic protons or neutrons is the result of strong force field energy.

Individual quarks provide only about 1% of the proton mass.

Mass defects (which should not be confused with over-mass in nuclear physics) are the difference between the mass of the composite particle and the mass of that part.

“Mass defects” can be explained using Albert Einstein’s formula E = m c2, which expresses the equivalence of energy and mass.

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This powerful force is called color confinement and prevents the free “release” of strong forces.[지난기사 보기 : 전세계 커피기업간의 지배구조] 이처럼 세계 커피업계의 큰손인 ‘JAB홀딩스’가 이번에는 캡슐 커피로 유명한 ‘큐리그 그린마운틴 커피(Keurig Green Mountain Coffee)’를 인수해 큰 관심을 모으고 있다.‘큐리그(Keurig)’는 어제(미국시간) 140억달러(한화 16조5천억원)의 금액으로 JAB 홀딩스에 매각하기로 합의했다고 발표했는데, 올 한해동안 큐리그의 주가는 61%가 하락했음에도 불구하고 JAB홀딩스는 큐리그의 장래성을 믿고 현재 주가에 78%의 프리미엄을 더해서 매입했다고 한다.The bond energy of the nucleus is due to Factory Address: NO.88 Science attractive forces that bind these nuclei together and is usually positive, as most nuclei will consume energy to separate Road, High and New Technology them into individual protons and neutrons.The mass of an atomic nucleus is generally less than the sum of the Development individual masses of protons and neutrons (according to the Einstein equation E = mc2) and this ‘missing mass’ is District, Zhengzhou, China known as a mass defect and is released when the nucleus is formed.

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