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One day, we did something called "30-30s." Parker giggled maniacally as she handed me two 20-pound dumbbells.

She told me to raise them to my shoulders and push them above my head as many times as I could in 30 seconds.

I first heard about Gym Jones the way you hear about a secret trout stream or an all-night rave—through word of mouth and friends of friends.

To me, gyms tend to come in two varieties, neither particularly appealing.

GYM JONES WAS CONCEIVED in a windowless room in a decommissioned bread factory in downtown Salt Lake.

There are no televisions, no machines, no comfortable spot to sit . Physical and psychological breakdowns occur." The routines were said to be so intense, so blindingly debilitating, that they brought even the hardest men to their knees, whimpering in slicks of their own sweat.Option A: the Fitness Supercenters, with their overcrowded cardio dens and cucumber-scented saunas.And Option B: the Iron Grottoes, run by mulleted muscleheads in Metallica T-shirts."Throwing medicine balls, dropping weights on the ground, working genuinely hard, and creating something with our own spirit, especially the music." Ah, yes, the music.Few things had fueled Twight's angst-ridden ride as a climber more than punk rock's Sturm und Drang: Sisters of Mercy, the Damned, Skinny Puppy, and a trove of others, spliced together on mix tapes that he blasted into his ears while hacking up some heinous frozen cliff.

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