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dumler doesn't have that soapbox history -- he just has his pathetic uselessness. But really, there's no way the party - not even the often-idiotic, cville dems - will run him; or support him, should he insist on running. aren't the county dems in charge of county candidates? never heard that the city repubs (and there are some) have any control over county gop candidates."In recent weeks, a second victim came forward alleging Dumler had raped and sodomized her multiple times in the fall of 2006, when he was in his first year at UVA Law School." Was it released it this woman reported this attack to the UVA police or Deans Office - or did she go to the local police?If the answer is yes...why wasn't he dealt with properly in 2006?The Albemarle County Democratic Party should be ashamed of themselves for not pressuring this convicted sex offender to quit his position on the Board of Supervisors immediately!Dumler will report to Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail on March 8 and will serve his time on weekends, pending jail approval.A call to Dumler was not immediately returned at posting time. It was reduced to misdemeanor -- 30 days, served on weekends -- that's how the game is played.) Dragas. In the name of justice when powerful people pull the strings. P.: Linda Lovelace For better or worse, sodomy (consensual or otherwise) is a felony in Virginia.This man has already abused three women...which makes him a serial sex offender.Waiting years until his term of office is up is just a dishonor of the people who elected him.

@AT, there has been a lot of coverage of this case, and several articles have indentified the perp as a dem. certainly there are unmentionable sleazos in every political party, and whether dumler is a repub a dem a teabagger a libertarian a commie or a moonie, which can change at any time, he is now and forever a convicted sleazebag.His history at UVA is further justification for more coeds getting concealed handgun permits and firearms being permitted on campus. They want the 3-3 tie more than they want a convicted sex offender to no longer represent them. Regarding all who question how Chris gets to stay on the BOS: The court can’t ‘remove’ him, per sea, from the board. As for Chris taking this plea so he could, ‘continue serving the people of blabbidty bla bla (that’s not at all a poke at SVille, it’s make nonsense of what Chris said), it’s crap. How about other women's rights organizations in the area? As I told you all it would, it ended up being pled down to misdemeanor sexual battery and preserves his right to practice law.It would make predators like Dumler think twice before committing their crimes. He took the plea so that there would be no open testimony which, in turn, the Army could us against him. If he doesn't resign from the BOS, he sure won't get re-elected. I wonder how many people here would sacrifice a law degree and career to fight a charge like this if given the choice to plead to a misdemeanor.Williams is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, genetic information or any other basis protected under applicable discrimination law.

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