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Yaakov made sure that even these young children were married, so that they would not marry Egyptian women.He also wanted to be certain that precisely seventy people would emigrate to Egypt with him, paralleling the seventy angels overseeing the nations. Midrash is often spoken of as literature that fills in the gaps in the Biblical story. The bottom line: I thought it was great midrash, in the informal sense of the word.For a little taste of this sort of midrash, you can find ) online. We want to understand the text, and when what’s there seems awfully skimpy, it’s natural to speculate.Sometimes people refer to films and stories as “modern midrash.” It doesn’t carry the authority of the classical rabbinic midrash, but it is also an elaboration on a Biblical story. It’s just important to keep track of what is really IN the text and what isn’t.During the course of the year the whole Jewish world, more or less at the same time, rolls and reads through the scroll.

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You can also do this sort of informal midrash on your own. Have you read a passage from the Torah and thought to yourself, “But what about….? ” If you began to speculate about possibilities that are not actually IN the text, you were engaging in a midrashic process.

For my comments about the film, check out its entry on the Jewish Film blog.

For instance, what does the Bible tell us about Abraham’s childhood, or for that matter, what does it tell us about why God picked Abram for the covenant? If you said, “What about the story about his father Terah’s workshop?

After Yosef was sold, Yehudah married the daughter of Shua (Bereishit 38:2).

During the 22 years between the time Yosef was sold and Yaakov's emigration to Egypt, Yehudah had fourse sons, Er, Onan, Peretz and Zerach, and Peretz had two sons, Chetzron and Chamul (Bereishit ).

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