Single homburg

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This was also called the Principal Conclusion of the Extraordinary Imperial Delegation (or, in German, Hauptschluss der außerordentlichen Reichsdeputation, usually called the Reichsdeputationshauptschluss).

This last piece of major legislation enacted by the Holy Roman Empire re-arranged the map of Central Europe, especially in the southwestern territories.

The Zollverein created a larger market for German-made farm and handicraft products and promoted commercial unification under fiscally sound economic parameters.

the annexation to larger neighboring territories, of many of the formerly free imperial territories, including most of the imperial cities.

Conversely, Luxembourg was independent and not a state in the German Reich, it remained in the Zollverein until 1919.

The splintering of territory and states over generations meant that by the 1790s in the German-speaking Holy Roman Empire in Central Europe, there were approximately 1800 customs barriers.

Each customs inspection at each border slowed the shipment's progress from source to destination, and each assessment on the shipment reduced profit and increased the price of goods, dramatically stifling trade.

When France defeated the Second Coalition, made up of Russian, Austrian and German forces, and annexed territories up to the Rhine, there was a general consolidation of the myriad of tiny states in Germany in the Mediatization of 1803.

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