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To improve the interfacial interaction between the reinforcement and the pipe, polyethylene yarns were fabricated by a micro-braiding technique for use as the reinforcement.

This pipe showed excellent long-term creep strength compared with the PE80 gas pipe or pipes reinforced with other kinds of resin.

But because the devices and joints are prototypes, it will be necessary to re-evaluate the reliability, dependability, durability, environmental and site applicability of each technology using final products intended for sale.One of the last domains reserved for traditional materials, high pressure applications are opened for plastics by using intelligent reinforcements with highly oriented polymer fibres like Kevlar.Certainly, a lot of new reinforced thermoplastic pipes (RTP) are in development.Its effectiveness will be improved by combining the conventional method with the insertion method, rather than executing the insertion method at all renovation work sites.Modern plastic materials and multilayer pipe structures make it possible to design and adapt pipes to the most challenging requirements.

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