Who is scott speedman dating san andreas dating denise

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As Ben Covington, he played the chiseled athlete who prompted Felicity (Keri Russell) to drop out of Stanford at the last minute and enroll in a New York university, just so that she could gaze at her high-school crush between lectures.

Once the show became a hit in 1998, Speedman not only looked like an A-list star—he was also living the life of one.

"Not much has changed," the "Animal Kingdom" actor added.

The show—based on an acclaimed Australian indie film of the same name that helped launch the Hollywood careers of Joel Edgerton and Ben Mendelsohn—centers around a group of young men in a California crime family led by their mother, Smurf, played by Ellen Barkin.

When Kimmel asked the pair if a "'Gilmore Girls-y' kind of thing" might happen, Speedman said, "I really don't think so." The duo might not be headed back to the small screen together, but Russell and Speedman shared some memories from the old days during their chat — including that unforgettable haircut of hers that left fans reeling in the show's second season.

As it turns out, the extreme makeover left Speedman reeling, too.

Set in blue-collar Los Angeles, the life of crime provides the brothers with the kind of lifestyle to which they've become accustomed, one of backyard pool parties and a fridge well-stocked with beer.

But there are power dynamics at play within the family that begin to fester.

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